Why Raw and Living Foods?

We eat food to nourish our lives.
By adopting a living foods diet and lifestyle, we not only eat the highest vibration of food that maximally nourishes our lives, but our lives themselves become healthier.

The primary theory behind a choice to increase the amount of raw and living foods in one's diet involves the concept that all living foods contain digestive enzymes within them which are destroyed in the process of cooking those foods. By eating food in its raw, uncooked state, our digestion of those foods is made more efficient. When our bodies spend less energy on digestion, that energy is freed up for other pursuits -- which include healing the distresses of the body, mind, and spirit as well as more energy for the abundant enjoyment of life.

The raw foods community also believes that eating foods in their living state provides greater access to the nutrition within the food - whether one is discussing the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes within the food or the bio-photons/life energy of the food - and that raw food is generally more alkaline and less acidic in the body, which has a variety of positive effects on health.

Most advocates of the raw foods lifestyle cite the 80% demarcation of living food:cooked food ratio in one's diet as the line of maximal benefit, but it is important to consider in any diet that one's attitude about self and diet is of great import in how one derives sustenance from one's food. Many beginning and experienced raw foodists can be overly concerned with the percentage of raw foods they are consuming. If one wishes to explore the benefits offered by a raw foods lifestyle, it is vital to always do so with a high degree of self-caring and acceptance for one's limitations as well as one's aspirations. As you develop a greater body of knowledge of the impact of raw and living foods in your own life as well as the scholarship of the lifestyle, you can better create, re-create, and achieve your goals.

Food is not only fuel for our lives but fun, and raw foodism -- to whatever degree you adopt it -- should be too!

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